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Welcome to the Goethe University Frankfurt

The University of Frankfurt is one of the best universities in Germany and especially in the economics field.

I hope that I can start my Master's degree in Online Marketing there next year.🤞 🙏

Vespa: The scooter that drives Europe

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The motor scooter (and also the new electric models) is famous in Europe. There is no bigger city, where you will NOT pass this vehicle while walking through the streets. The Vespa is especially loved among city dwellers, when downtown (...)

Restaurant Recommendation for Frankfurt City

When you are here on a stop-over or on sight-seeing: Stop at the Flemings City Hotel. Their roof top restaurant and bar is fantastic. You can watch the sunset or the skyline with all the banks. They also have an (...)

Summer in the city

We are closing in. The end of the summer in Frankfurt is here. Everybody is outside, soaking up the last warm days of this 2020 weird time.

We love Data - Image with Brent Spiner

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Enjoyed my time with Brent Spiner - even if it was a short one. On the convention in #Frankfurt, I paid some money to get a picture with the actor!