Pure elegance

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According to the fashion house Dior, shoes are everything, and a touch of color is enough to change the look.

What could be more elegant than classic black shoes? Only classic Christian Dior - Dioressence shoes.

Elegant, with a slightly daring heel, covered with soft leather, they create a beautiful and sophisticated silhouette. The shoes are made near Venice and go through more than a hundred stages of production. There are different versions of the material - sheepskin matte leather, matte or glossy calfskin and a wide range of colors.

Christian Dior, of course, loved the black tone on his shoes the most, which he recognized as the most elegant and powdery pink color, a shade of femininity and true happiness. In addition to the usual colors, the collection includes, for example, shoes in the color of lemon, cognac and khaki shades.