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Like other Apple devices, the first iPhone was of quality workmanship, and its multi-touch screen suddenly soon forced other manufacturers to adopt the same approach.

The device had a 3.5-inch (8.89-centimeter) touch screen, a round aluminum body, a plastic back and very few noteworthy keys.

The first name of the patent for the iPhone is "Purple", and this patent was completely hidden from the public for some time. When Apple perfected it, it was renamed the iPhone.

Here are some interesting facts.

If you need to check if a surface is flat, you can do it with a spirit level on the iPhone. All you have to do is open the compas, scroll left and it will be available to you.

The most expensive iPhone in the world has just over 600 white diamonds, the Apple logo is made of pure gold surrounded by 53 white diamonds, as well as 135 branches of 24-carat gold in sapphire screen glass. The Home button itself is made of black diamond.

In order for Siri's artificial intelligence to read your email, all you need to do is tell her in English: "Read me an email." It will tell you the date, time, and who sent you the email.