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Asus Company was established on April 2, 1990 in Taiwan. It is one of the world's three largest laptop manufacturers for the widest range of users and the creator of the best-selling and most award-winning motherboards.

From Asus' workshop came their new ZenBook laptop which has some very interesting and I would say innovative elements that could further attract customers.

When the ZenBook was opened  I saw a few interesting elements. The first is a gold cross bar engraved with the name of the series , which was not clear to me at first - why gold. But this one also fits perfectly in the notebook itself. When I turned on the key illumination and saw how golden it was, understandable design move :)

We will remember this laptop for its beautiful appearance and very small dimensions, so it will fit in practically any bag or backpack, it will be gladly used by both men and women, both young and old.