Fragrant bomb

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I was keenly interested in what kind of fragrant nectar is hidden in this beautiful bottle of intense red color, which, if you look a little better (and you don't know the exact size), actually resembles a bottle of red nail polish. :) 

Honestly, although I appreciate the entire Armani Si line of fragrances, I’m not a big fan of intensely sweet olfactory effects so I didn’t expect this to be the ideal fragrance for me.

The notes are very interesting - at the beginning, in the top notes, you will intensely feel the berry effects, first of all black currant, and then pear and pink pepper - notes to raise the adrenaline and mood.

 You will be overwhelmed by freshness and joy. The fragrance will calm down in sensual, slightly powdery middle notes - tones of sunflower and rose flowers and intoxicating notes of jasmine. 

The base is rounded off by gently gourmet vanilla and cedar, with their warm, safe effect, with the modern tone of the woody-amber molecule Orcanox.

This whole combination of notes brings to your skin an easily wearable, pleasant, refined scent, Si Passione can be worn by all generations of women.

The scent is of medium durability, very pleasant not only on the skin, but also on the hair and clothes and brings a breath of joy and clarity into your life.