Best keyboard for developers and coding

Disclaimer: this is a pure fan posting, I really love this keyboard - and here is why:

I am a big fan of the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard. This piece is not for travelling (even if it is wireless), but for your heavy duty workplace.

This setup (2 machines, Windows & Mac with a LG 43" monitor with 4k) I do run twice. At home and in the office. At home the Windows Machine is a Dell XPS 13 (which I consider also one of the best laptops on the market) and the Mac is a 15" MacBook Pro.

For developers, I consider 4 things (besides know-how and skills) in hardware for coding to be essential:

  1. Excellent monitor
  2. A very good chair (or standing desk, if you are into that)
  3. Blazing fast machines (with a clean setup)
  4. and the keyboard you love and trust

given your Internet connection is stable :-).

I have shifted to the Logitech MX Keys about 8 months back and have ordered a second one after about a week.

After I have lent it for 1 day to a (coding) colleague he ordered one, too.

Perfect key travel and precision, good light for dark coding sessions and just a solid feeling - well done, Logitech!