iPhone 12 is here with 2532x1170 pixels

Finally - delayed by Covid-19, Apple has delayed the release a bit and the new iPhone 12 is currently announced on the Apple Online Event while I type. As App developers, we are excited about the new phone, because it also has 5G and I hope the coverage around the German office is good enough for it.

The "pro" version of it is what I am aiming for. Yet, the "max" edition is too big for me and I will pre-order the 6.1 inch size on Friday.

Shipping of that version starts on the 23rd of October - it is amazing, that Apple manages that globally in 100 (they said) countries!

They also start to sell more directly. This could be a strategic move or just attributed to the pandemic.

Pricing will be significantly over the starting price of $999 in Germany compared to the US!

Because of the filming plans I have, I would go for a 256 GB variation:


and I am already with Deutsche Telekom...