Star Trek Unites

When you look thru the feeds on Facebook or Twitter for #StarTrekDay, you see a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds being thankful for the hope and concepts of equality they get from the franchise. 

I started to wonder "what does a middle aged, priviledged white rich kid with no problems worth mentioning" get from it?

And after some brain flexing, I would like to state: "The same as everyone." 

After sipping in 100s of episodes, where people are poor and evil, rich and evil, rich and good, poor and good and in some parts do not even look like people (3 legs and 6 fingers), the fandom of Star Trek gives us all a sense of unity and respect - to ignore the power of your status for the value you stand for, no matter what you believe and the color of your skin or your sexual interests. 

In a much complexer way than Spidermans "great power gives you... blah blah"....