Frequently asked questions

Things you might want to know about this platform and how certain processes are handled.

Who is this site for?

You are a musician and you are looking for fans?
You love to think about, talk about, and share news of the latest beauty products?
Or you are a corporation that manufactures fun widgets that do X, Y, and Z, and you´re hoping people will create short, fun, viral videos in which they show other people what your widgets will do?
This site is made for you! It is made for all the nerds, cosplayers, ethusiats and fans, who want to show their affection!

How are payments taxed?

A sponsor, who pays for advertising wants to deduct her/his spendings from the business income. In order to do so, we create payment receipts for all parties involved.
Depending on your country of taxation, we calculate the right VAT information when we create the payment receipt. Each payment triggers an automated e-mail to the receiver and the sender of the payment.

How do you deal with copyright violations?

We enable everyone to generate a small income by posting good content, that is sponsored by others.
In order to create a safe and solid platform, we have a ZERO-TOLERANCE policy for illegal content. That does not just cover copyright material, but also adult content, hateful postings, racism, discrimination or promotion or illegal activities, material or websites.

Can I get a refund on my sponsorings?

If the content you sponsored was altered AFTER you paid for a sponsoring: Yes. Also, if we are forced to remove postings due to legal reasons, we will also refund you.

I have trouble with your platform, what can I do?

As a service provider, we try to help whereever we can. For requests about anything fanfario, please write us an e-mail with as much details as possible. We operate a so called "ticket system" to make sure your question is answered. Use this e-Mail address, please: info(at)