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What a success story, what a powerhouse of a company. Since the founding in 1976, the American company has changed the technology world more than once. The iPhone is seen as a turning point for the smartphone market. The iPod has spawned a whole new style in marketing - this company has a lot of fans.

Apple Mac Air with M1 - Enough to develop?

I love to travel light - at least, when travelling is allowed - and the Mac Air has always been a great machine to carry around. Until I needed to have some Windows programs at hand. Then I shifted mainly (...)

iPhone 12 Pro Night Mode Example

This is a photo I just took from our balcony. The night mode of the new iPhone 12 Pro is fantastic. If you are on the 11, you are less impressed, I guess. But the move from my old XS (...)

iPhone 12 is here with 2532x1170 pixels

Finally - delayed by Covid-19, Apple has delayed the release a bit and the new iPhone 12 is currently announced on the Apple Online Event while I type. As App developers, we are excited about the new phone, because it (...)

New Apple Series 6 Watch

Including a lot of fitness and health features, including the fitness plus offer from Apple... In these days with the pandemic everybody wants to live healthier and Apple has woven that into the marketing and products.. 

MacOS is required to develop - no questions asked

My home setup consists of many operating systems. We are working in various fields, mainly creating business apps. So, the technological landscape is pretty clear for me: I need Windows - because my clients have that most of the timeLinux (...)

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Like other Apple devices, the first iPhone was of quality workmanship, and its multi-touch screen suddenly soon forced other manufacturers to adopt the same approach. The device had a 3.5-inch (8.89-centimeter) touch screen, a round aluminum body, a plastic back (...)