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The cult sporting goods manufacturer has been inspiring sports enthusiasts all over the world for decades and is a trendsetter, especially in the design of its products.

Casual wear - with Nike on holiday

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This 2020 summer has been challenging for the travel industry. Most of European locations that we normally travel to, have been declared a "risky area" and the Santorini trip, we booked in January seemed in danger. But we just came (...)


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30 years after the first Air Max style icon walked the streets and delighted the masses, Nike has introduced the Air Max 2090, an update to a classic model with futuristic elements - the Air Max 90. Another style icon, (...)

My new „Drop-Type“ design N. 354

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I have a confession to make, I have a shopping addiction. But these „Drop Type“ design Nike from the N. 354 collection, ? I just simply can't resist.

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