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The Star Trek universe is attracting new fans since 1966. New shows, new movies and new adventures are drawing new fans into the wonderful world of excitement.

Star Trek Day - Thanks CBS for excellent fan marketing

While we all need to stay at home and socially distance as much as possible (yes, still, it is not over yet), CBS all access has gathered a lot of our favourite actors in online interviews. Here (some of) the (...)

27 year anniversary for DS9 and 25 for my wife and me

I could not resist - my wife and I had our 25th anniversary (of being together, 13 married) this year - 2 years after the release of Deep Space Nine on television. Because we are both big fans of Star (...)

Star Trek Unites

When you look thru the feeds on Facebook or Twitter for #StarTrekDay, you see a lot of people with a variety of backgrounds being thankful for the hope and concepts of equality they get from the franchise.  I started to (...)

On the TNG bridge in Vegas

They have closed that experience a long time ago, but with the great revival and the hard work CBS is putting into it... maybe, one day...

Picard - the right wine for season 2

We were able to secure a few bottles of this great red wine - which naturally has nothing to do with our beloved Captain - yet, it makes sense to drink Picard while watching it! Filming will probably start in (...)

Star Trek as the badge of nerds

If you watch nerd movies and look for these „little“ things, you will find Star Trek in many places..

See the poster in the back?

That is „Pirates of Silicon Valley“

Star Trek Discovery: Continues in October 2020

Let's face it - this year was for many people full of bad experiences.  Many actors and entertainers face poverty unless they are the big hits in the industry. As a trekkie, I always found Star Trek to be a (...)

My Star Trek Desktop Wallpapers

Thumbnail 530
Thumbnail 582
Thumbnail 586
Thumbnail 590
Thumbnail 594
Thumbnail 598

Black lets me focus, Star Trek gives me pleasure!

So I rotate these images as my wallpapers in the background randomly...

Wear a mask

Do not be a red shirt


We love Data - Image with Brent Spiner

Enjoyed my time with Brent Spiner - even if it was a short one. On the convention in #Frankfurt, I paid some money to get a picture with the actor!