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The US company has a tremendous success with their streaming platform. While "I will google it" made it for search, "I will netflix tonight" made it for streaming movies and TV shows! FANtastic!

Vikings - I LOVE this serie!

In times of quarantine, there is nothing better than watching the Vikings Series! 

Vikings is sofar one of my absolute favorite series ever. 🙌

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From 2011 until today, with less than 23 million users, Netflix has reached 130 million subscribers, or 250 million households covered by its streaming service. Generations of the new millennium do not watch television, do not think about terrestrial antennas, (...)

My Top 5 Netflix Series This Year

I didn't think there would ever come a time where in a whole day there was nothing else to do but Netflix and chill. But here we are... #thanksCovid Netflix has been giving us some great series this year and (...)