About us

Fanfario is the brainchild of online marketing veteran Ralf Schwoebel, a German-American entrepreneur who has piloted dozens of e-commerce solutions throughout the past 25 years including Tradebit.com, VShop.com, Vicoland.com, Crypted.Co, and more.

Fanfario offers a platform for influencers of any size to post images, videos and clever copy around their favorite brands, labels and businesses. With highly-engaged and loyal followers, influencers are able to grow their platform and earn income by posting niche topics that attract advertisers.

Below posts, businesses can create or upload a simple banner ad to run on an influencer for 3 months or more. The best part? It’s all run on a low fixed price - no pesky pay per click ads!

After an advertiser locks in their ad it’s immediately activated and the publisher will get paid instantly.

That’s what we call business.