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Prolific Guitars Loops - Animation Video

Soundtrack Loops presents Prolific Guitars Volume 2. Matt Fuller was born to rock, and Soundtrack Loops was launched to deliver killer sounds. Now, Matt’s back with Prolific Guitars Volume 2, which spans as many genres as the bands he’s played (...)

How to get sponsored on Fanfario

A short demonstration video, how to enable your account on fanfario to receive sponsor payments for your postings.

T-Shirt reads: "I have no time for a burnout!"

New Apple Series 6 Watch

Including a lot of fitness and health features, including the fitness plus offer from Apple... In these days with the pandemic everybody wants to live healthier and Apple has woven that into the marketing and products.. 

My self composed Piano blues

My self composed Piano blues #blues

Sky burning, like San Francisco

Sometimes the sky is red in PUBG and here I have thought about our colleagues in the Bay Area. Hang in there, folks, it will get better again! This fires made the sky really red and smokey. What looks cool, (...)

The best salad joke I have seen!

I always have to smile, when I see this salad meme. So I did not post it into "food", but fun!

Stock photos can make you smile in the right combination!

Star Trek Day - Thanks CBS for excellent fan marketing

While we all need to stay at home and socially distance as much as possible (yes, still, it is not over yet), CBS all access has gathered a lot of our favourite actors in online interviews. Here (some of) the (...)

Getting used to masks - Not really funny

Somewhat funny and not at the same time. This GIF from Luis is partially funny and partially sad.

So, hang there. There will be a vaccine sooner or later!

27 year anniversary for DS9 and 25 for my wife and me

I could not resist - my wife and I had our 25th anniversary (of being together, 13 married) this year - 2 years after the release of Deep Space Nine on television. Because we are both big fans of Star (...)

Vespa: The scooter that drives Europe

Thumbnail 2581
Thumbnail 2585
Thumbnail 2589
Thumbnail 2593
Thumbnail 2597

The motor scooter (and also the new electric models) is famous in Europe. There is no bigger city, where you will NOT pass this vehicle while walking through the streets. The Vespa is especially loved among city dwellers, when downtown (...)