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Best keyboard for developers and coding

Disclaimer: this is a pure fan posting, I really love this keyboard - and here is why: I am a big fan of the Logitech MX Keys wireless keyboard. This piece is not for travelling (even if it is wireless), (...)

iPhone 12 is here with 2532x1170 pixels

Finally - delayed by Covid-19, Apple has delayed the release a bit and the new iPhone 12 is currently announced on the Apple Online Event while I type. As App developers, we are excited about the new phone, because it (...)

Greedy Bilbo - Precious Outburst

A few franchises have given us countless amounts of memes. The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies have spawned a few. The most famous is "One does not simply walk into Mordor" with the great Sean Bean and (...)

Armani Code - good for boys and girls!

The Armani Code is an older fragrance of Armani, that I still like for myself (male version). It is not as strong as some of the other "upper class" perfumes my wife has gifted me over the years. I would (...)

Perfect packaging, thank you

Thank you for that great gift packaging. My wife freaked out, when she got her litte „cosmetic bag instead of holiday“ present!

Sunset on Santorini - Best spot here...

Besides a lot of walking, eating and relaxing, it is to mention that our Santorini holiday in September 2020 was a blast. Greece did good in Covid-19 management and we were able to enjoy a luxury vacation despite all the (...)

Casual wear - with Nike on holiday

Thumbnail 2702
Thumbnail 2706

This 2020 summer has been challenging for the travel industry. Most of European locations that we normally travel to, have been declared a "risky area" and the Santorini trip, we booked in January seemed in danger. But we just came (...)

Prolific Guitars Loops - Animation Video

Soundtrack Loops presents Prolific Guitars Volume 2. Matt Fuller was born to rock, and Soundtrack Loops was launched to deliver killer sounds. Now, Matt’s back with Prolific Guitars Volume 2, which spans as many genres as the bands he’s played (...)

How to get sponsored on Fanfario

A short demonstration video, how to enable your account on fanfario to receive sponsor payments for your postings.

T-Shirt reads: "I have no time for a burnout!"

New Apple Series 6 Watch

Including a lot of fitness and health features, including the fitness plus offer from Apple... In these days with the pandemic everybody wants to live healthier and Apple has woven that into the marketing and products..